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Ask Women Podcast: What Women Want

Feb 25, 2016

On this episode of the Ask Women Podcast, pickup artist Brad P talks about why a lot of women don’t go for “nice” guys, what to say to women to get that first date, and how to practice your “seduction” approaches. Also, are relationships better when you start out as friends?

Feb 18, 2016

This week, one of Australia’s most well known sex and relationship experts, Dr. Nikki Goldstein, drops by to chat about how to really read and understand your partner. What kind of guys do women really want – The good or bad boy? Need to let someone know that it’s just not working? Nikki has a lot of great advice...

Feb 10, 2016

Musician, Jason Charles Miller, and model/actress, Maria Tornberg, are on the show discussing their tips for dating and relationships. They say, if you don't know what someone wants... ASK! Communication and honesty are key.

Feb 3, 2016

Model, singer, entrepreneur, dancer, actress, Danielle Murray, is in studio talking about what she wants from a guy and how she gets it. From dinner dates to international trips, Danielle knows how men work and shares her tips! (1-4-16)